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Green Card Program Changes and How They Affect You

Currently, the US Department of Immigration allows for some 50,000 applications to be processed for the yearly DV Program. This is just a small number of all the applications they receive every year. Did you know that there are going to be some big changes next year? What’s happening that will change the DV Program in the year 2008? Big changes: changes that could affect your chances of being able to get in on Green Card Program opportunities.

Anyone that has ever previously applied for a chance in the Visa Program will tell you that it’s not necessarily an easy process. A number of different regions around the world are currently disqualified from participating in the Visa Program. Why are certain areas of the world stopping people from participating? First off, if a country has immigrated more than 50,000 people to America within the last 5-year period, then people from that country are banned from participating in the USA Visa Program. What does that mean for those interested in getting in on the Green Card Program in 2008? If they live in a country that has sent a large number of immigrants to the US, they may very well end up ineligible.

The US immigration department offers a lengthy list of regional exclusions and in 2008. Every year, countries are added and removed from the list of qualified countries. Essentially, getting in on the visa program is getting tougher all of the time. Yet, there are some “loop-holes” to the ineligibility problem. First, if an individual is married to someone that is native to a country deemed eligible to participate then they still may be able to take advantage of the DV Program opportunity. This “loop-hole” extends to the parents of the applicant as well. In other words, if an individual lives in a disqualifying country but their parents are from an area that is still qualified to participate then, again, the individual interested in applying may qualify for DV Program participation. If the applicant is married, his/her spouse can also go through this checklist to see if the spouse can qualify to participate in the Green Card Program.

Interestingly, despite the strict regulations surrounding eligibility, the far bigger problem any person must face when it comes to the Green Card Program is the fact that the application must conform perfectly to strict submission requirements in order for one’s entry to even be considered by the US Government in the Visa Program. Green Card Experts knows that even one small mistake can completely disqualify a person from participating in the US Immigration Program. When filling out an application, it becomes imperative that the applicant complete every part of the application and it must be done impeccably. In fact, many individuals take advantage of the services offered by Green Card Experts so that they can receive professional and expert assistance with the tedious process of filling out the registration form correctly.

Green Card Experts knows that filling out the application correctly is only half the battle. The applicant will also have to submit a photograph (or multiple photos if the applicant is married and/or has children). If the photographs are not prepared according to very stringent photo regulations, again the individual’s Visa Program application becomes ineligible. While the photo by no means needs to be fancy, it still must be precisely what the US immigration department demands. Further, if more than one person is applying for the program (like a large family), every single member of the family will be required to submit the appropriate photograph along with their perfectly completed applications.

Will you need help to guarantee that (1) you qualify to participate in the Green Card Program, (2) your registration information is submitted correctly, and (3) your program photographs satisfy all the formatting requirements? If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes,' then you should seriously consider using the services of Green Card Experts. The first step to take is to complete the online application. The instructions for completion of the photo requirement will be sent to you immediately after you complete the online registration! Good luck!

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