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When is the annual deadline for the Green Card Program and why should I consider registering early?

The permanent residence status given to any foreign national by the United States of America is known as the U.S.A. green card. This green card, or U.S. visa, will allow the immigrant to reside and work legally in the United States for as long as he/she wants. Also, the holder of the green card will be entitled to receive health, education, and other benefits. In an effort to diversify the U.S. population, the U.S. Department of State organizes a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program every year. This program is also known as the Green Card Program since it allows the people of many foreign countries to obtain permanent residence status. Every year 55,000 U.S. immigration program visas are offered to many foreign nationals through this Green Card Program program.

If you wish to take part in the U.S. immigration program program, then the Green Card Program application form should be submitted to the appropriate government filing office before the Green Card Program deadline. Normally, the window period for submitting these Green Card Program application forms is very brief, lasting about one month. The window usually opens in October and the official Green Card Program deadline is usually in early December. The U.S. Government can change the exact timing of the program at any time. Therefore, it is imperative that you submit your Green Card Program application form as early as possible to avoid being caught off guard and out of the program. Green Card Program applications submitted after the Green Card Program deadline will not be eligible to participate in the current U.S. immigration program program.

Another reason to submit your form early is that the number of people who will apply to the annual U.S. Visa Program is expected to grow exponentially as the actual deadline draws closer; hence you are encouraged to submit your U.S. immigration program application form well before the Green Card Program deadline to get a head start on the visa application process. An early registration allows sufficient time to thoroughly review your application information, correct any mistakes, and identify and address any potential issues with your Green Card Program application.

If you wish to $Link("ApplicationOnline", "apply for the Green Card Program") program through the tested and true help of a professional, you can trust that Green Card Experts will offer you the best service. It is suggested that you submit your forms as soon as possible—even today! Green Card Experts posts periodic suggested “apply-by” dates to encourage you to submit your application to the Visa Program as early as possible. This greatly helps with devoting the proper time and care to the preparation and review of your visa program application, thereby increasing the possibility of submitting your form to the US Department of State before the official Green Card Program deadline. Early registration also makes your Green Card Program application experience hassle-free. Your eligibility is verified, your information is reviewed, and you are notified if any errors are found—with plenty of time to make any corrections. The advantages to applying early are numerous. Definitely consider submitting your $Link("ApplicationOnline", "visa program application") today to avoid the many problems that are possible when you apply at the last minute.

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