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Is America Anti-Immigrant? How Can I Benefit from the Green Card Program?

One question invariably haunts the minds of foreign nationals who are aspiring to settle down in the United States of America: is America anti-immigrant? America’s anti-immigration policy is a thing of the past. An entry into the land of opportunity is not all that restricted these days, despite what the media portray and rampant rumors suggest. Since the twentieth century, America’s anti-immigration policy has weakened. In many aspects, the current U.S. immigration policy can be characterized as being quite immigrant-friendly.

Current-day U.S. immigration policy welcomes immigrants through many visa opportunities including the Green Card Program program. The large numbers of foreign nationals who have gained entry into America and have become U.S. citizens is proof of America’s continuing acceptance of immigrants from all faiths, races, cultures, nationalities, and walks of life. Many of these immigrants are skilled foreigners who make major contributors to America’s economy. But, the policy is still unbendable for those who hold a criminal background. If a foreign national has a criminal background or if he/she is involved in illegal activities, then immigration will be denied to that person. So, is America anti-immigrant? The answer is no, especially for skilled, law-abiding foreigners.

According to U.S. immigration policy, Lawful Permanent Residence or obtaining the USA green card is one of the channels through which any foreign national can become a legal resident of the United States of America. The U.S. Department of State conducts a Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) program or the Green Card Program every year. Through this Green Card Program program, the country provides 55,000 green cards to eligible foreign nationals.

Applying for the Diversity Immigrant Visa program (DV) is not simple, but the benefits of the Green Card Program are many. Winners of the Green Card Program can bring their families with them to the U.S. and are entitled to work and live in the United States of America. Green Card Program advantages include permanent residence permission, equal opportunity to be lawfully employed by any employer, and the ability to pursue education and health benefits. In short, Green Card Program benefits include almost all the same rights enjoyed by a full-fledged U.S. citizen. If your ultimate goal is to become a U.S. citizen, winners of the Green Card Program can eventually file a petition to do so.

If you obtain a U.S.A. green card, you can live and work anywhere throughout the 50 states and also enjoy the benefits of unbiased employment in the country. The winners of the Green Card Program can also apply for American citizenship after 5 years of their immigration into the country. The Green Card Program benefits also include the right to become the legal owner of any property such as housing, vehicles, etc. Finally, one of the most important Green Card Program benefits is that the green card holder can travel abroad as a permanent resident of the United States of America.

A word of caution for applicants: many Green Card Program applications are rejected every year because of errors on the form or incomplete information. This is where you will need an expert’s help. Green Card Experts provides professional assistance with the Green Card Program application procedure. Green Card Experts assures that your registration in the program complies 100% with the requirements of the U.S. Government in preparing and submitting your application. Are you ready to start enjoying all the benefits that come with the possession of an American green card? Complete the registration form today!

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